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    We develop healthy off-grid resorts & villages in frontier markets

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Immersion in new worlds

We create characterful places, where people can lose themselves, while immersed in five star luxury 

Prioritizing health over profit

We use healthy construction materials & building methods for every development

Fully sustainable

All our developments are 100% sustainable, generating their own energy, water, food sources & managing their own waste.

Frontier markets

We focus on projects in paradise locations.  Our focus is on early stage economies & frontier markets.  Our intention is to provide investors access to new locations, without the risk of doing it themselves.

Local teams

All developments are designed remotely, but we use local people & businesses to deliver them.  Investing in the communities we work, & creating hundreds of new jobs with every project

Partners in the process

We work with established partners to develop, maintain & manage every development.

Our foundation

Most of the worlds problems can be solved by providing access to capital, and access to opportunity.  Our profits are reinvested into the local communities to improve healthcare, education, housing, food, energy, waste, & water facilities.

Our intention is to transform the lives of the next generation.

Sustainable community:
​A framework for a better future

Download our latest book, 'Sustainable Community' written by Wayne Fox, which he talks in depth about our model of investing in local development to create a better, healthier & poverty-free society for everyone

Case studies

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