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Access new markets

Working in frontier markets means you can help create opportunities for hundreds of local people, transforming their life forever 

Access new revenue streams

Working for the same old clients brings the same old results.  Isn't it time to look at new opportunities elsewhere?

Access new ways

We provide a model that will make you rethink how you've run your business until now.  We think you might like it

Remote design, local delivery

Our ethos is to use a remote design team, but deliver the project using local people & local businesses.  It's important that investment in every development, filters through the local communities to help lift them out of extreme poverty.  It's vital that our partners share this ethos.

Local opportunity for local people

All our partners pledge to create local opportunities for local people on each new development.  We aim to create over 100 new jobs for local people with each development.

Redeveloping existing resorts

If you already operate a resort, but would like to work with us to develop it further using our model, we would love to talk with you.

Experience in delivery

Each partner has a focus toward what we've called, 'reliable quality'.  This means they can be relied upon to deliver what they say, when they say it, for the price they agreed.  This is done to the highest of professional quality standards.

Each partner must demonstrate competency & experience in delivering similar projects previously.

If you're ready for a new direction, & you're committed to delivering reliable quality, apply now to join our approved supplier list now

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